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Community Events


Ever mindful of our vision to promote lifelong health in the community, SATA CommHealth collaborates with community clubs, grassroots organisations, religious and special interest groups, as well as other voluntary welfare partners to offer mobile health screening for their beneficiaries and staff.

Our Mobile Medical Services – with a fleet of three X-Ray buses and a Mammography-fitted bus – are regularly upgraded with patient-friendly fittings like wheelchair-lifts and a variety of screening tools such as Audiometry, Digital Retinal Photography equipment.

SATA CommHealth aims to benefit the disadvantaged elderly and patients with poor mobility with our convenient and hassle-free healthcare services such as Homecare services and Doctors-On-Wheels.

We also believe that health education programmes in schools is an effective strategy to prevent major health and social problems, as schools can play a major role in students’ health-related behaviours. Several school health programmes such as Personal Hygiene/Pandemic Preparedness, Smoking Prevention Talks and Exhibitions and Mental Wellness are initiated to empower students, parents and school staff to support a healthy lifestyle.